Here are a few interesting facts to help you get to know WAICC a little better.

Who is WAICC?

Founded in 1970, WAICC has offered ecumenical worship, education, and humanitarian action for over 50 years!  The Council was established by area churches to respond to needs in the community that could be best served through common action.  Today, it works on behalf of eight local Christian churches and organizations:  Orchard Valley United Church, Wolfville United Baptist Church, St. John’s Anglican Church, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Port Williams Baptist Church, Manning Memorial Chapel – Acadia University, Religious Society of Friends – Quakers, and L’Arche Homefires.

What does WAICC do? 

WAICC’s initiatives, that reflect faith in action, are made possible by people in our community who provide essential resources: volunteers give their time and talents; donors give money and food.  Initiatives focus on two broad areas:

  • Attending to Spiritual Needs by hosting worship services for residents of the Wolfville Nursing Home and Wolfville Elms, and by organizing ecumenical worship services, and community events such as speakers, workshops, and vigils.
  • Addressing Social and Humanitarian Needs through a school supply program, support for student food programs and for individuals’ emergency and special needs, the Wolfville Area Food Bank, and the Christmas hamper program.

Where does WAICC operate?

WAICC’s outreach initiatives assist people in the service area (see map) regardless of religious affiliation.

WAICC’s ministry was aptly described by Rev. Doug Hergett in his book, Visible Faith, when he observed that WAICC’s good work in the community is possible because “church members have been joined and supported in their endeavors by many others whose motivation is a social or humanitarian concern.”

As members of the local organizations that make up WAICC you can be proud of the work being done in the community on your behalf by WAICC volunteers to help our neighbours with very real needs. If you would like to learn more please contact your church office.

The Wolfville Area Inter-Church Council:  Faith in Action  

A story of Ruth

I volunteer with the Wolfville Area Food Bank and I want to tell you a story about a woman I know – I’ll call her Ruth.  To keep her costs down, she turned her heat way down.  She wore double socks and sweaters around the house.  And, right after supper she spent the evening in bed because her apartment was cold and she could stay warm under blankets.  She couldn’t afford enough food, so finally she broke down and came to our Food Bank. When she got home with her food she spread it out on the table and made a list of everything she’d been given.  She thought that like other “banks” she had to pay it back some day.  And then she sat down and she cried because she could not imagine how she would ever be able to do that.  When Ruth came to see us again, we explained that the food was a gift; from kind and generous people in our community.  Again, she cried; from relief.  And gave me the most genuine hug and thank you that you can imagine. 

Did you know that the Wolfville Area Inter-Church Council (WAICC) provides outreach ministry to assist people like Ruth on behalf of local churches?