Upload Photos

Upload Photos

Use the form below to upload photos you took for WAICC's web site gallery either on Good Friday or some other time over the Easter weekend:

Good Friday: We invite you to take a cross of some sort with you on your walk or to put one in front of you while you read and pray. You can make a simple cross out of twigs and string or use the finger labyrinth that came with the printed prayers that WAICC churches sent out. Take a photo of yourself with your cross and share it here so other people can see you were praying with them.

Signs of Life and Easter Bells: Take and post a photo of any signs of life you see outside in your yard, during a daily walk in your neighbourhood, or somewhere else as permitted by Public Health. Then on Easter morning, we invite you to ring a bell of some sort at 11 am. Take a photo of yourself with your bell and share it, too!

Please ensure that if there are persons other than yourself in the photo that you have their permission to put the photo on the web (see consent statement below). Photos of children need to be uploaded by a parent or legal guardian. Please resize photo files if over 2MB by using a file resizer (e.g. imageresizer.com )

  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, jpeg, Max. file size: 3 MB.
    Upload a picture of you on Good Friday or Easter. Please use a fie resizer to make the file less than 2MB. e.g you can use imageresizer.com. If you click that link it will open in a new tab.
  • Note: Names or locations of children will not be posted.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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