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Lenten Study

The season of Lent begins with that haunting reminder, “You are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

Most of the time we avoid the words, the thought.  We want to believe we will live forever, as if believing it will make it happen.  As long as we don’t think about death—our death—we will hold it at bay.

But the words of the ancient ritual are true.  We are dust and to dust we shall return.  So should we not give it some thought, some planning—if not for ourselves for our family and friends?

This year the Wolfville Area Interchurch Council will be presenting a series, “To Everything There is a Season:A Lenten Program on End-of-Life Preparations” to help us do just that.  The sessions will be held on Wednesday evenings at L’Arche Homefire in Wolfville beginning at 7:00.  The sessions will address:

  • March 13—The Theology of Death—what do you believe happens when you die?
  • March 20—Advance Care Directives—what end of life care do you want?
  • March 27—Palliative Care—What does that mean and what is available in our area?
  • April 3—Legalities—What are the legal issues we need to prepare for?
  • April 10—Funeral Planning—What do you want in your funeral?

This Lenten series not only gives us a chance to think about our lives, but is also a gift to your family, saving them from having to deal with these issues while dealing with their grief.  You are encouraged to share this journey together.

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